Behind Communism 1917—2010

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By Frank L Britton. Updated, revised and expanded 1917—2010.

Fully revised, expanded and updated from the original 1952 book, this work clearly shows that Communism grew out of Russian Judaism.

Although the Soviet Union has disappeared, the ideology which underpinned that state—state-engineered economic and social egalitarianism—lives on, and is stronger than ever before in the West.

Now completely updated to include post-war Communist movements in eastern Europe, Britain, America, South Africa and China, this book is the most detailed record yet of the leading Jewish role in Communism.

The conclusion discusses the reasons for Jewish extremist behavior, based on an understanding of group evolutionary psychology.

Cover image: Nelson Mandela and the head of the South African Communist Party, the Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo, 1990.


Preface to the 2012 Edition


Chapter 1: The Persecution Myth

Chapter 2: The Khazar Theory Disproved By DNA

Chapter 3: The Jew In Europe: Jews in the Late Roman Empire—Jews Dominate Middle Ages Commerce—The Expulsions Begin—The Exploiters—England—France

Chapter 4: The Expulsions: A full list of the expulsions

Chapter 5: Back To the East: The Medieval Ghettos—Poland’s Fate—Russia—Pale of Settlement—The Kahal

Chapter 6: The Tsars and the Jews: Nicholas I—Alexander II—The May Laws—Tensions Between Jews and Tsarist Regime Rise—Alexander III’s Proclamation on Jewry

Chapter 7: Marxism and Zionism Emerge: Jewish Terrorists in Russia

Chapter 8: Bloody Sunday and the 1905 Revolution: Father Gapon—Revolution of 1905—The St. Petersburg Soviet is Founded—Parvus—Stolypin Reforms

Chapter 9: World War I Weakens The Tsar: The Evacuations

Chapter 10: The March 1917 Revolution: Day-by-Day Account—The Tsar Abdicates

Chapter 11:  The Origin Of The Bolshevists: Lenin—Iskra—Unification Congress of 1903—Revolution of 1905—The London Congress of 1907—Three Communist Newspapers Launched: All Run by Jews—The Lenin-Zinoviev-Kamenev Troika—January Plenum—Germans Allow Lenin to Enter Russia

Chapter 12: The Ground Is Prepared: The Provisional Government—Constituent Assembly Elections—All-Russian Congress of Soviets—Lenin Returns

Chapter 13: The Sixth Party Congress: Trotsky Names Jews Who Ran Bolshevik Revolution

Chapter 14: Trotsky To Power: Military Revolutionary Committee—The Bolshevik Revolution—The Constituent Assembly is Broken Up by the Bolsheviks—Trotsky as “War Commissar”

Chapter 15: Encyclopedia Judaica Confirms the Jewish Origin of Communism: Jewish Role in the Russian Communist Revolution

Chapter 16: Winston Churchill on the Jewish Role in Communism

Chapter 17: The Us Army’s Telegrams on the Jewish Role in Communism

Chapter 18: The London Times Correspondent’s List of Jews behind Bolshevism

Chapter 19: The Red Terror:  Jew Cheka Agents Murder the Tsar—Assassination of the Jew Head of Cheka—Sparks the Red Terror

Chapter 20:  Jews Exporting the Revolution: The Jewess Rosa Luxemburg’s Revolution in Germany—The Jew Bela Kun’s Reign of Terror in Hungary

Chapter 21: Trotsky In Decline: Trotsky and Lenin—Stalin to Power

Chapter 22: Lazar Kaganovch And Mass Murder: The Holodomor, or the Ukrainian Holocaust—The Department of Wet Affairs—Khruschev Accuses Kaganovich

Chapter 23: The “Soviet Zion” And Plans For A Jewish Homeland: The Jewish Autonomous Oblast—The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee—Ilya Ehrenburg

Chapter 24: Stalin’s Jews—The Greatest Mass Murderers of Modern Times: The Gulags: Jewish-Run Concentration Camps

Chapter 25: Iron Curtain Dictators: Hungary—Poland—Romania—Yugoslavia—Czechoslovakia—East Germany

Chapter 26: Jews And Communism In The Soviet Union After Stalin: Anti-Zionism versus Anti-Semitism—The Rise of the Jewish Oligarchs

Chapter 27: Jews In America: Sephardic Period—Jews Expelled from Southern U.S. States in 1862—German Period—Russian-Polish Period—New York: Second Largest Jewish City in the World

Chapter 28: The U.S. Communist party: Jewish Communists in Labor Movement—Largest Communist Newspaper in U.S. was Yiddish-language Morgen Freiheit—Thousands of Communist Jews Deported from the U.S.—Jay Lovestone/Liebstein

Chapter 29: Jews and Communism In America According To Defector Louis Budenz:

Chapter 30:  Jews As Communist Spies In America: Manfred Stern: Prominent Early Soviet Spy—Alexander Petrovich Ulanovsky—Elizabeth Zarubina/Lisa Rozensweig—George Abramovich Koval—The Treason Trials—The Amerasia Case—Alger Hiss Case—Judith Coplin—Gerhart Eisler—The Hollywood Ten—The American Politburo—The Silvermaster Group—The Perlo Group—The Smith Act Trials—Three Gentiles: Vanderbilt Field, Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley—Morris Cohen/Peter Kroger—The Mocase Espionage Case—Fred Rose and the Canadian Spy Ring

Chapter 31: Jew Communist Spies And The Atom Bomb Treason: The Fuchs-Gold Spyring—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg—Other Jews in the Rosenberg Spy Ring—Behind the Atom Treason—Scientist X—Theodore Hall-Holtzberg and the Manhattan Project Spy Ring

Chapter 32: Jew Spies For Israel Against America 1950—2010: Steve Rosen, Keith Weissman and the AIPAC Case—Jonathan Pollard: The Most Damaging Jew Spy Since the Rosenbergs—1950s Jew Spies for Israel against America—The Lavon Affair—Israel Steals Enriched Uranium from America—The USS Liberty: A Treasonous Attack—1970s Jew Spies for Israel against America—1980s Jew Spies for Israel against America—1990s Jew Spies for Israel against America—Mass Arrests of Israeli Spies after 9-11—2000s Jew Spies for Israel against America—Jewish Extremist Pressure Groups I: AIPAC—Jewish Extremist Pressure Groups II: The ADL—Jewish Extremist Pressure Groups III: The Southern Poverty Law Centre

Chapter 33: Communism in Hollywood: An Easy Target—“Jews Own the Film Industry”—Propaganda in the Movies

Chapter 34: Jewish Media Control: U.S. Television Networks—U.S. Newspapers—U.S. News Magazines

Chapter 35: Jews In The Communist Movement In Britain: British Jews “Disproportionately Represented in Communist Parties” Says Jewish Historian—The Communist Gerry Gable and Other Jewish Supremacist “Anti-Fascists”—The Socialist Workers Party and Tony Cliff (Real Name Yigael Gluckstein)

Chapter 36: Jews In the Communist Movement in South Africa: The South African Communist Party Created Out of Jewish Socialist Organizations—The Treason Trial of 1956—The Rivonia Trial—Other Communist Jews and the Subversion of South Africa—Joe Slovo, the “Brains” Behind the ANC—Ronnie Kasrils: The Jew Who Was Head of the ANC’s Intelligence Department

Chapter 37: Jews And The Chinese Communist Movement: The Shanghai Ghetto—First Minister of Health in Mao Zedong Government was an Austrian Jew—Main Communist Chinese English Language News Source Run by the Jew Israel Epstein

Chapter 38:  Conclusion—And Why?: Two Important Questions—Why are Jews So Overrepresented in anti-European Movements?—Judaism as an Evolutionary Strategy—Judaism as a Religion Developed from Group Paranoia.

Fully illustrated and indexed.

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