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Prices for different countries: Please note that although this site lists the book prices in UK £, upon checkout, the price is converted to a local currency (US $,  € etc), depending upon the nation from which the website browser originates.

This is done because all printing is local: this means that all shipping are local as well.

This means that books ordered in the US, for example, are printed and shipped from the US. Books ordered in Europe are printed and shipped in Europe, and so on. There are NO trans-Atlantic shipping costs.

All prices of books on this site are exclusive of shipping  costs.

All shipping costs are local (a real money-saver!) and shipping time varies upon the method of shipping which the customer chooses at checkout.

Depending upon your location, these are (usually) the options from which to choose:

* Mail (up to 7 days after printing)

* Priority Mail which delivers up to 3 business days after printing.

* Ground which delivers 1 to 2 business days after printing.

* FedEx 2nd Day Delivery after printing.

* Express which delivers 1 business day after printing.

* FedEx Next Day.

The choice of shipping method is dependent upon the customer’s location, as are the costs.

Some methods will allow for track and tracing to guarantee delivery, so please choose your options carefully.

Payment can be made by any number of methods, including debit and credit cards.

Full security is provided by a 128 bits Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

No personal data is kept on this website.

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