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D7CfrontcoverOPBy Edward R. Shaw.  The perfect introduction to the incredible world of the great European Age of Exploration, written by a famous American expert in preparing educational works for younger readers. This book details the lives and momentous events of many of the most famous European explorers as they opened up the world from 1500 AD onward. Read of Marco Polo’s adventures in China, Columbus’s history-changing trans-Atlantic voyage, Vasco da Gama’s rounding of the southern tip of Africa, the explorations of the Cabot brothers in North America, Amerigo Vespucci’s exploration of the American coast (and of how America was named after him), Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific Ocean, Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition to circumnavigate the globe, the astonishing adventures of the Conquistadors Cortes and Pizarro in South America, the quest for the fabled El Darado, Francis Drake’s voyages and the tragic end of Henry Hudson, after whom Hudson Bay is named.

Highly recommended for younger readers and homeschoolers.

Contents: Preface; Chapter 1: Beliefs as to the World Five Hundred Years Ago; Chapter 2: Marco Polo; Chapter 3: Columbus; Chapter 4: Vasco da Gama; Chapter 5: John and Sebastian Cabot’s Voyages; Chapter 6: Amerigo Vespucci; Chapter 7: Ponce De Leon; Chapter 8: Balboa; Chapter 9: Magellan; Chapter 10: Hernando Cortes; Chapter 11: Francisco Pizarro; Chapter 12: Ferdinand De Soto; Chapter 13: The Great River Amazon, and El Dorado; Chapter 14: Verrazzano; Chapter 15: The Famous Voyage of Sir Francis Drake—1577; Chapter 16: Henry Hudson.

Hand edited and completely reset. Contains all the original illustrations.

About the author: Edward Richard Shaw (1855–1903) was a Professor and Dean, New York University, and author of numerous books, primarily children’s schoolbooks. Shaw was born in 1855 at Bellport, New York (part of Long Island). His undergraduate work was at Lafayette College, and he received his Ph.D. from New York University. After serving as Principal at Sayville, New York; Greenport, Suffolk County, New York; and Yonkers (NY) High School, he became Professor of Pedagogy at New York University. By the time of his death, he was Dean. Most of his output consisted of famous works edited for use by schoolchildren.

Pages: 79

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