Germania et Britannia: A Roman Racial Study of Germans and Britons Circa 98 AD

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By Gaius Cornelius Tacitus. Roman senator and historian Tacitus provided a fascinating glimpse of the racial make-up, customs and culture of pre-Roman and pre-Christian European society in Germany and Britain in his two works, Germania and Agricola, both published c.98 A.D.

He describes Germans as those who have never “mingled by inter-marriages with other nations, but to have remained a people pure, and independent, and resembling none but themselves. Hence amongst such a mighty multitude of men, the same make and form is found in all, eyes stern and blue, yellow hair, huge bodies…” and Britons as follows: “The red hair and large limbs of the inhabitants of Caledonia point clearly to a German origin. The dark complexion of the Silures, their usually curly hair, and the fact that Spain is the opposite shore to them, are an evidence that Iberians of a former date crossed over and occupied these parts. Those who are nearest to the Gauls are also like them . . . from the permanent influence of original descent.”

Tacitus praised many aspects of Germanic and British culture and society, pointing out how unsullied, brave, desirable and honest it was. A fascinating resource for anyone wanting to see what was, what was lost, and what yet could be.

Cover image: Statue of Herman Cheruscer, Teutoburgerwald.


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