Race and Nationality as Factors in American Life

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UntitledBy Henry Pratt Fairchild. A remarkable book, which was quickly suppressed after its first appearance because it outlined the importance of race in the development—and continued existence of—the United States.

Written by a professor emeritus of sociology at New York University, the book answers the question “What is America?” in this way: “It was not even called America before the white men came. There was no America when the Indians held undisputed sway, not on this continent or anywhere else.

“America did not exist at the time Columbus reached the end of his voyage, or when a band of Pilgrims moored their bark, or a group of sea-weary Englishmen landed on a southern shore.

“America was built, step by step and piece by piece, by the colonists – from England, from Holland, from France, from Sweden—and by their descendants generation after generation. It was built by blood and sweat and tears, by suffering and hardship, by thinking and planning, by joy and love and achievement.”

Professor Henry Pratt Fairchild (1880-1956) was one of the early leaders of the immigration restriction and conservation movements and served as the first president of the Population Association of America.


Chapter 1: The Bogey, or We, Us & Company

Chapter 2: What Nature Makes Us

Chapter 3: What We Make Ourselves

Chapter 4: Race and Nationality

Chapter 5: The Enigma of Race Quality

Chapter 6: The Race Controversy

Chapter 7: Anti-Racism

Chapter 8: The Desirable and the Possible

Chapter 9: The Jews

Chapter 10: The Negroes

Chapter 11: Betrayed in the House of Their Friends

Chapter 12: What to Do

Chapter 13: The Indispensable Nation




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