The Great South African Land Scandal

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By Dr. Philip Du Toit. In 2007, thirteen years after adopting black rule, South Africa became a net food importer for the first time since its founding in 1652.

This book tells the story of South Africa’s “land reform” which, although proceeding at a slower pace than in Zimbabwe, is no less insidious and is leading to the same disastrous consequences.

White Afrikaner farmers are being driven from the land through a combination of murder, terrorism, and state coercion.

Almost every farm taken over by black farmers has collapsed and food production has plummeted. There are now around 30,000 white farmers left, from a high of 80,000 in 1980.

When first published, pressure was exerted by the South African government to suppress this book—and the reader will soon discover why as example after example of black failure is laid out with incontrovertible factual analysis.

This book lifts the lid on what is really happening to white South Africans since the ANC’s assumption of power, and serves as a dramatic warning to Western nations of their future should they allow Third World immigration to swamp their lands as well.

Now updated with two appendices: “Land Reform in South Africa: The Situation in 2012” and “Farm Murders: The Statistics as of January 2012.”


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Chapter One: The Letsitele Valley, Limpopo Province

Chapter Two: Botshabelo – The Pride of Middelburg

Chapter Three: Vryheid, KwaZulu/Natal

Chapter Four: The Eastern Cape

Chapter Five: Kranskop

Chapter Six: The Dunns of KwaZulu/Natal

Chapter Seven: Levubu, Limpopo Province

Chapter Eight: Mpumalanga Province

Chapter Nine: The Limpopo Province

Chapter Ten: The Western Cape

Chapter Eleven: The Northern Cape

Chapter Twelve: The North West Province

Chapter Thirteen: The Province of Gauteng

Chapter Fourteen: Blydevooruitzicht No More

Chapter Fifteen: The Road to Poverty

Chapter Sixteen: Slaughter – The Farm Murder Plague

Chapter Seventeen: Conclusion


Appendix 1:“Land Reform” in South Africa: The Situation in 2012

Appendix 2: “Farm Murders, The Statistics January 2012”

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