The Origin of the Zimbabwean Civilization

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By George Robert Gayre of Gayre and Nigg. Did the black Shona tribe  really build the stone city of Great Zimbabwe, or was it the work of an outside race who were absorbed into the native population?

This question is answered in this work by the founder of the Mankind Quarterly journal.

Using solid archaeological, cultural and racial typology, it proves that racial outsiders from the Mediterranean and the Middle East were responsible for the stone structures at Great Zimbabwe and similar, but smaller surrounding sites stretching into northern South Africa. First published in Rhodesia in 1972, this work has been long-suppressed for political reasons, despite its basic thesis having been proven with the DNA link of the Lemba people to the Middle East.

Afrocentrists continue to claim that the Shona tribe built the stone structures, but Gayre proved that the Shona artefacts found at the site were placed there only after they conquered the country and drove out or absorbed the previous inhabitants.

Gayre mentions the Lemba oral tradition that their male ancestors came by boat (from a country to the north which contained large cities) in order to obtain gold. He also draws attention to the numerous Caucasian features and customs displayed by the Lemba.


List of Illustrations and Acknowledgements

1 The Geographical Background of East Africa in Relation to Climate, Movement and Navigation

2 East Africa: its Exploration and Trade with the Outside World

3 Mineral Resources and Plant Distribution in Relation to Settlement in Eastern Africa

4 Introduction to a few of the Exotic Elements of Culture relevant to the Zimbabwean Civilisation

5 The Megalithic and Foreign Character of the Rhodesian Zimbabwean Culture; and its Relationship to Structures in the Mediterranean Area and Arabia

6 Saba or the Yemen as a Great Maritime Power

7 The Significance of the Falashas, the so-called Black Jews of Abyssinia

8 The Parallel between Zimbabwe and Nubia in relation to Foreign Cultural Influences

9 A Criticism of the Theory that the Bantu created the Zimbabwean Civilisation

10 The Age of the Zimbabwe Ruins and its Bearing upon the People who erected them

11 Founders of Zimbabwe

12 Ethnological Evidence of pre-Islamic Sabaean and other Foreign Origins from Bantu Source

13 The Relevance of the Religious Concepts found in the Zimbabwean Civilisation

14 Islamic Influence

15 The Ethnology of Zingian Africa

16 Rhodesian Gold Extraction in Ancient Times

17 Foreign Articles and Artefacts found in the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

18 The Collapse of the Zimbabwean Civilisation

19 The Monomotapa and Early Records of Zimbabwe

20 The Zimbabwe Myth: Misconception of the Century

Appendix I

The Ruins at Naletali, Khami and Dhlo Dhlo and those of Van Niekerk

Appendix II

Table of Comparisons between the Awwam Temple, Marib, Yemen and Great Zimbabwe Temple

Bibliography I

Works Cited in the Text

Bibliography II

Selected Works bearing on the Subject, not cited in the Text




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