Arthur Kemp

Race and Racial Differences

“The book the race-denying establishment feared would come. . . and now it’s here!” — US college professor.

“Sensational . . . Unanswerable . . . How DNA creates race, explained for everyone to see. . .” — Leading UK academic.

Race and Racial Differences: A Handbook for the 21st Century

How DNA Shapes Mankind into Seven Major Races

With 64 photographs, 16 illustrations, 7 maps, 6 tables, and 11 charts.



“The book the race-denying establishment feared would come. . . and now it’s here!” — US college professor.

“Sensational . . . Unanswerable . . . How DNA creates race, explained for everyone to see. . .” — Leading UK academic.

Race and Racial Differences: A Handbook for the 21st Century

How DNA Shapes Mankind into Seven Major Races

With 64 photographs, 16 illustrations, 7 maps, 6 tables, and 11 charts.

By Arthur Kemp B.A.

Race is real, it is biological in nature, and it is shaped and determined by genetics alone.

This book is the first to conclusively show exactly how races are physically and psychologically shaped by individual genes.

Using data and references from dozens of highly reputable scientists and journals, this fully referenced work starts with an overview of the development of the study of race, from the earliest times up to the very latest advancements in DNA analysis.

From there, it provides a comprehensive yet easily understandable overview of how human DNA works, which is vital to any understanding of how genes, at a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) level, are responsible for shaping individuals.

When large numbers of people share similar SNPs, they form distinct groups which manifest themselves as “races.”

Human DNA is made up of three major components: Y-chromosomes, mtDNA (which is inherited unchanged through the male and female lines), and autosomal DNA. When these three components are plotted according to their geographic locations, they dramatically divide into seven distinct regions. Each region clusters according to genetic similarity—the classic definition of race.

This science of genetic clustering is used by all the “home DNA testing kit” companies to provide “ancestry and origin” results. It provides unequivocable proof of the biological existence of race, and definitively destroys any claims that race is a “social construct.”

This work builds on the seven regions reality by probing deeper and revealing the exact genes and SNPs—by name and location in the chromosomes—which determine the physical differences we see before us as racial types.

Then the process whereby these genes are unequally distributed among the seven major regions is discussed—and how this differentiated genetic distribution has created different races.

In this way, the genes which are responsible for eye color, hair color, hair texture, skull shape, facial features, skeletal structure—and finally psychology and intelligence—are all individually named, leaving no doubt as to the genetic basis of race.

The seven different races are then named. Then, in a first for this century, these seven major races—and all their subgroups—are reviewed in an illustrated racial typology section which lays bare the vast genetic diversity of mankind.

Finally, the book ends with a definitive, fact-based, refutation of the five major race-denial claims.

There is literally no other book on the topic of race like this in the world. It is a handbook on race, DNA, and racial typology for the 21st Century.


Chapter One: An Introduction to Race

A summary of the history of racial differentiation and the development of the science of DNA, with the latter definitively proving the link between biology and race, including physical appearance.


· Racial Descriptions from the Ancient World

· The Development of Scientific Race Classification

· Race-Denial Emerges after 1945

· Emergence of Genetic Science Undercuts Race-Denial Theory

· History of the Science of DNA

· DNA Testing Companies Divide Globe into Seven “Major Populations”

· Law Enforcement uses DNA to Identify Race and Create Identikits

· Genetics Makes a Final Definition of Race Possible: A Group with Common DNA.


Chapter 2: The Structure of Human DNA

A comprehensive but easily understandable overview human genetics, and of how racial differences are generated by specific genes.


· Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA): Nucleobases, Nucleotides, and Polynucleotides

· Haplotypes: X, Y, and mtDNA and Autosomal DNA (atDNA)

· Chromosomes, Genes, Alleles, and Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)

· Race is the Product of Variations in Alleles and SNPS


Chapter Three: Race Defined by Y And mtDNA Haplotype Groups

An overview of the world’s major Y and mtDNA Haplogroups—which are passed paternally and maternally in a never-changing line—and how they separate mankind into seven geographical regions.


· Y-Chromosome Family Trees by Geographic Origin

· Y-DNA Haplogroups (and subclades)

· Y-DNA Haplogroups Divide Humans into Seven Major Geographical Categories

· mtDNA-Chromosome Family Trees by Geographic Origin

· mtDNA Haplogroups (and subclades)

· mtDNA Haplogroups Divide Humans into Seven Major Geographical Categories


Chapter Four: Race Defined by Autosomal DNA

The exact process whereby Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) create physical and psychological differences which manifest themselves as seven major racial groups.


· The Role of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Shaping Racial Differences

· SNP Analysis Divides World’s Population into Seven Distinct Categories

· SNP Analysis Links Geography to Racial Delineation


Chapter Five: Race and Racial Differences Created at the Gene and SNP Level

An explanation of how the different geographic distribution levels of certain genes and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) create the physical and psychological differences which manifest themselves as racial groups.


· List of Defining Racial Characteristics: Skin color, eye color, hair color, hair texture, skull shape, skeletal structure, psychological differences, and intelligence.

· Race Created through Different Geographical Concentration of SNPs and Genes


Chapter Six: The Genes Which Determine Racial Differences in Skin, Eye, and Hair Color; Hair Texture and Shape

A complete listing of the exact genes and SNPS which cause racial differences in hair texture, skin, eye, and hair color, broken down by racial category.


· Skin Color: The Genetics of Melanin Production

· Different SNPs Create Different Skin Tones in Europeans, Mongoloids, Sub-Saharan Africans, and San (“Bushmen”)

· The Genetics of Hair Color: The Genes which Cause Black, Brown, Blond and Red Hair

· The Genetics of Hair Texture: The Genes which Cause “Round” European Hair, “Oval” Asian Hair, and “Flat” African Hair

· The Genes Which Cause Blue, Brown, and Black Eyes—and the Ranges In Between


Chapter Seven: The Genes Which Determine Racial Differences in Skull Structure and Facial Features

An analysis of racial differences in skull shape and all facial structure, along with a complete list of the SNPs and genes responsible for these physical differences.


· Differences in Skull Shapes are used by Forensic Anthropologists to Determine Race

· The Genes which are Responsible for Different Racial Skull Shapes

· The Genes Which Determine Face Shape, Nose Shape, Eye Position, and All Other Facial Features

· The Genes Which Cause Epicanthic Folds in Certain Asian Racial Subgroups


Chapter Eight: The Genes Which Determine Racial Differences in Skeletal Structure

A complete overview of the major differences in skeletal structure, bone density, height, and other forensically known attributes used to determine race, and the individual genes responsible for these differences.


· The Limit of Environment Upon Skeletal Development

· Average Height by Race

· The Genes Which Determine Height

· Racial Differences in Height Caused by Specific Gene Differences

· Physical Differences in Skeletal Structure as Used by Forensic Specialists and Anthropologists to Determine Race

· Racial Skeletal Physical Differences Include Limb to Torso Ratios, Bone Density and Strength


Chapter Nine: The Genes Which Determine Racial Differences in Intelligence

An analysis of IQ scores by racial group, with a complete listing of the specific SNPs and gene locations responsible for intelligence—and how these SNPs are unequally distributed among the races.


· Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Scores and Environment

· IQ Scores by Race from Around the World

· Advances in Genetics Explain Racial IQ Differences

· The Genes which Determine Brain Size and Function

· The SNPs which Determine Intelligence

· Racial Differences in Genetics Linked to Racial Differences in Intelligence

· List of the Most Important SNPs Affecting Intelligence—and Their Unequal Distribution among the Races


Chapter Ten: The Genes Which Determine Racial Differences in Psychology

An overview of two of the most important differences in psychology which affect the functioning of society: the mental illness of schizophrenia, and the levels of violent criminality. The specific genes link to schizophrenia and violent criminality are identified, and their unequal distribution by race detailed.


· The Genes which Determine Schizophrenia

· Genetic Link between Schizophrenia, Low Intelligence, and Criminal Activity

· The Specific Genetic Basis of Schizophrenia

· Racial Differences in Schizophrenia Rates

· MAOA: The “Aggression” Gene

· Genetics Reveals MAOA Gene More Prevalent in Africans


Chapter Eleven: The Seven Major Races Named

The division by genetics of mankind into seven major categories allows these seven groups to be named according to their geographic territories or language families. Each of these major racial groups have subgroups within them, but all share genetic commonality.


· Region: Europe. Racial group name: “Europid.”

· Region: Africa (sub-Saharan). Racial group name: “Negroid.”

· Region: East Asia. Racial group name: “Mongoloid.”

· Region: Central Asia. Racial group name: “Indo-Iranoid.”

· Region: Middle East. Racial group name: “Semitic.”

· Region: Oceania. Racial group name: “Australoid.”

· Region: Americas: Racial group name: “Amerindians.”


Chapter Twelve: The Seven Major Races—A Typological Overview

A comprehensive and illustrated overview of the seven major races of the world and their subgroups. Includes physical descriptions, IQ levels, and geographic locations.


· The Cephalic Index as a Measure of Race

· Facial Features as a Measure of Race

· 1. Europid. Subraces: Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean

· 2. Negroid. Subraces: Bantu, San or Khoi

· 3. Semitic. Subrace: Jews:

· 4. Indo-Iranoids. Subraces: Dravidian, Pre-Dravidian, Iranoid

· 5. Mongoloid. Subraces: Han Chinese, Mongols, Yayoi, Far North Asiatic

· 6. Australoid.  Subraces: Negrito, Aborigine, Bornean, Maori, Polynesian

· 7. Amerindian. Subraces: Far North Amerind, Northern Amerind, Central Amerind, Southern Amerind, Far South Amerind


Chapter Thirteen: Five Common Racial Myths Debunked

The five most used racial myths spread by race deniers, analyzed and rebutted with data and statistics.


· “All humans are 99 percent genetically the same, so there is no genetic difference.”

· “Race has no basis in biology.”

· “Race is a social construct.”

· “Race is only skin deep.”

· “Racial differences in intelligence are explained by socio-economic factors.”




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